Division of Personnel

Published: Thursday, 29 September 2022 Written by ແກ້ວມະນີ ມາກວິໄລ


The Division of Personnelplays a role in raising issues or concerns to the FED leaders in terms of civil servant and facility management. Apart from that, the division communicates with the FED leaders and departments, divisions, and three affiliated schools as well as the external sectors of FED.


Responsibilities of Division of Personnel

  • Plan and report the progress of FED strategic plan periodically with cooperation with all sectors under FED supervision;
  • Plan, monitor and report the weekly, monthly, yearly plans with all sector under FED;
  • Monitor the weekly, monthly, yearly plans with all sector under FED ;
  • Mange the flow of in/out document ;
  • Deal with public vehicles and infrastructure of FED;
  • Write proposals for restoration of infrastructure – offices, classrooms, and other facilities of FED with the support from related sectors;
  • Monitor the security work within the responsible areas;
  • Update and manage the database of FED staff;
  • Deal with policy implementation such as getting a promotion to a higher position, healthcare cards, retirement cards, making a proposal of admire for outstanding staff, dealing with welfare for staff in accordance with Lao laws;
  • Issue certificates, appointment letters (for training, meeting, study tour), and permission letters for domestic and foreign studies;
  • Organize rating-check votes, staff evaluation based on the appointment;
  • Check the absenteeism of staff, deal with students’ data, volunteers, and foreign experts in FED;
  • Take part in the drafting of contracts (MOD, MOA, MOU) with related sectors and progress the document on behalf of the faculty;
  • Be in charge of welcoming domestic and foreign quests in cooperation with related sectors;
  • Record and make portfolios of FED activities to be disseminated to the society; and
  • Handover the certificate of appreciation to individuals or organizations who outstandingly make contribution to FED.