Division Student Affairs

Published: Thursday, 29 September 2022 Written by ແກ້ວມະນີ ມາກວິໄລ


The Divsion Student Affairs head office is located in Dongdok campus, Vientiane capital. It is one of the divsions under the adminstration of FED, NUOL and was established in pursuance to decree No. 546/FED.PD, dated 13 May 2001/MoES. The Dvision Student Affairs functions as the leading role for the Dean and Vice Deans of the FED, and communicate with departments within the faculty and external affairs together with implementing five education principles with the aim of monitoring, inspecting, supporting three units of the division to be aligned with departments in terms of controling and managing student principles, maintaining health and well-being and providing welfare, selecting scholarship for students, promoting student talents of different abilities, supporting sports and physical education, preserving national culture and custom and social responsibility to accomplish the goals under the supervsion of assicate dean (student affairs).


1) Extracurricular activities

  • Conduct various activities to promote and support student talents in terms of physical education, arts and music and national culture;
  • Disseminate knowledge of solf skills, arts and literature, dance performance, and master of ceremonies and mass media;
  • Promote students to fully participate in preserving, supporting national culture and custom to be consistent with the international; and
  • Foster art and culture of the nation and advancement with the international.

2) Principles and student development delivery

  • Conduct political ideology, mannerism, laws and regulations for students within the faculty to become good citizens of the nation;
  • Conduct student principles and roles of each party related for the students of the faculty;
  • Monitor and inspect the implementation of student principle within the faculty; and
  • Punish students who violate against the principles.

3) Student Welfare

  • Assist underprivileged students from remote areas, orphanage students, students who come from a single parent to be able to study at the university level;
  • Support students who perform excellent results and behave well to be given a scholarship;
  • Provide information to assist recent graduates to find jobs;
  • Consider and implement policy regarding students who have health problems, victims of incidents and death; and
  • Monitor and collect student information who reside and stay in NUOL accommodation.