Division of Finance and Property

Published: Thursday, 29 September 2022 Written by ແກ້ວມະນີ ມາກວິໄລ


The Division ofFinance and Propertyis located in the main building of FED plying the role in articulating the budget matters for instance, managing budget, plan short- and long-term budget of FED, manage income and expenditure of sponsors and property, deal with procurement, plan for restoration of facility, purchase teaching-learning tools by FED and public budget in accordance with policies, laws, decrees, legislations, and rules of Lao PDR.



  • Compile short-term, medium-term and long-term budget of FED;
  • Compile and manage yearly income and expenditure, academic budget, and approved budget from the government;
  • Implement FED strategic plan consistently with the resolution of the Lao revolutionary party, National Social-economic Development Plan, National Education and Sports Sector Plan;
  • Supervise, monitor, and strengthen the financing and accounting matters for Sathid secondary, primary schools, and Sathid Childcare and Kindergarten;
  • Implement yearly income and expenditure budget plan, public property, procurement consistently with law, legislation; decrees, etc.
  • Develop the internal financing rule of FED regarding budget policy, monitor the finance and property, accounting, inspection, restoration by public budget, and academic income of FED
  • Summarize and write monthly, quarterly, mid-year, and yearly report (so called: zero o’clock report) in time;
  • Disseminate the implementation of proper financing and consistently with the updated financial rule;
  • Deal with financing in regards to infrastructure, facility, improve the databased;
  • Monitor the registration fee, tuition fee (bachelor’s, master’s, and doctors, degree), training, projects, fund, training, programs and other income to FED; and
  • Cooperate Finance and Planning of NUOL, National Social Welfare Organization, Ministry of Finance, BCEL bank and related sectors.