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Faculty of Education (FED) is one of the faculties in the National University of Laos (NUOL), officially established in accordance with the Prime-Minister’s decree, indicated in Article 7, No. 50/PM, dated 11/1995. The faculty has progressed based on the existing human resources and facilities from the Division of Psychology-Pedagogy, Vientiane Pedagogical University.

Faculty of Education consists of six departments, six divisions, and three affiliated schools: Department of Psychology and Educational Science, Department of Education Administration, Department of Natural Sciences, Department of Social Sciences, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Lao Language and Literature, Division of Personnel, Division of Finance and Property, Division of Academic Affairs Administration, Division of Post-Graduate Studies, Division ofResearch and Academic Services, Division of Student Affairs, Sathid Secondary School (Attachment school), Sathid Primary School(Attachment school), Sathid Childcare and Kindergarten (Attachment school).

Roles and Responsibilities of Faculty of Education

1) Teaching-learning management and political ideology education

-      Organize political ideology education regarding manners, legislations and laws for FED staff and students to be good citizens of the nation and possess teaching professional ethics;

-      Organize teaching-learningfrom pre-school to secondary education; and

-      Conduct teaching-learningfor the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels.


-      Conduct research and develop educational technology; and

-      Disseminate and utilize the research findings for the improvement of educational quality and social economic development.

3)Academic services for the external sectors

-      Develop training courses on education;

-      Organize pedagogical training; and

-      Provide service as academic staff and consultants in the related profession.

4) Protection and promotion of traditional art and culture of the world

-      Organize activities to promote traditional art and culture of ethnic groups and the nation;

-      Encourage pupils, students, and educational practitioners to actively engage in the protection and promotion of traditional art and culture of ethnic groups and the nation; and

-      Adopt and promote other cultures properly.

5) Profiles of Administrators of Faculty of Education