Department of Social Sciences

Published: Wednesday, 28 September 2022 Written by ແກ້ວມະນີ ມາກວິໄລ


The Department of Social Sciences has a role in organizing teaching-learning the bachelor’s degree students majoring in Politics, History, and Geography to serve in the secondary school education both lower and upper levels. Apart from that, the department also puts emphasis on educating them to be equipped with morale, ethics, social responsibility, patriotism including having a sense of need for protection and promotion of culture of the ethnic groups as well as the nation under the supervision of the FED leaders.

1) Responsibilities

-     Implement and disseminate the strategic plan of the FED, NUOL, and related policies;

-   Educate political ideology, manners, legislations and laws for teachers and students within the department in accordance with 3 characteristics and 5 principles of education;

-    Implement, monitor, and evaluate teaching-learning management in accordance with the assigned curriculums- Politics, History, and Geography both regular and continuing courses;

2) Research

-     Encourage teachers to produce teaching materials;

-    Organize class observation and give feedback;

-    Organize training on teaching-learning management for teachers;

-    Plan the programs, projects for academic and related activities;

-    Evaluate and improve the curriculum consistently with the development plan of FED; and

-    Develop the curriculum consistently with the social demand.

3) Social services

-    Encourage teachers to provide academic services

4) Protection and promotion of Lao culture

-      Encourage teachers and students of the department to actively participate in promotion of traditional art and culture of ethnic groups as well as the nation;

-      Organize the activities to widely promote traditional art and culture of ethnic groups as well as the nation; and

-    Adopt and promote cultures of the world properly.