Department of Psychology and Educational Science

Published: Wednesday, 28 September 2022 Written by ແກ້ວມະນີ ມາກວິໄລ


  • Produce pre-service teachers at the bachelor level with quality to serve teacher educational institutions across the country;
  • Produce pre-service teachers to be equipped with skills to serve the society or help doctors deal with individuals who experience mental health issues;
  • Produce pre-service teachers to become capable of helping school administrators, offices, and communities; and
  • Produce pre-service teachersto have morale, ethics, social responsibility including the protection and promotion of traditional culture.

Responsibilities of Department of Psychology and Educational Science

1) Organizing teaching-learning and training

-    Implement and disseminate the strategic plan of the FED, NUOL, and related policies;

-   Educate political ideology, manners, legislations and laws for teachers and students within the department in accordance with three characteristics and five principles of education;

-    Implement, monitor and evaluate teaching-learning based on the mandated bachelor’s degree curriculum;

-    Organize teaching-learning pedagogy and psychology courses for other majors within the faculty;

-    Encourage teachers to create teaching materials;

-    Encourage students to learn and follow FED’s, NUOL’s principles and laws with the support of related sectors;

-    Organize class observations and provide feedback;

-    Organize training courses on pedagogy for in-service teachers;

-    Evaluate and improve curriculum in consistency with the development plan of FED; and

-    Develop curriculum aligned with the social demands.

2) Research

-    Encourage teachers to conduct action research (classroom-based research);

-    Conduct research, foster innovation, teaching techniques and methodology; and

-    Disseminate and utilize the research findings and innovation in the improvement of educational quality.

3) Social services

-    Deliver General Psychology course for students in other faculties at NUOL and colleges both public and private;

-    Organize pedagogical training courses in cooperation with the Division of Research and Academic Services for both interested public and private institutions;

-    Provide consultancy regarding education and job for basic education students based on the assigned subject in the curriculum; and

-    Provide consultancy regarding teaching profession and psychology for other related sectors.

4) Protection and promotion of Lao culture

     - Encourage teachers and students of the department to actively participate in the promotion of traditional art and culture of ethnic groups and the nation;

       - Organize activities to fully promote the traditional art and culture of ethnic groups and the nation; and 

        - Adopt and promote other cultures accordingly and properly.