Department of Foreign Languages

Published: Wednesday, 28 September 2022 Written by ແກ້ວມະນີ ມາກວິໄລ


The Department of Foreign Languagesis one of the departments that was renamed from the Department of Linguistics in 2011 and its main role is to produce the bachelor’s degree pre-service teachers majoring in English and French. The department also puts emphasis on producing them with ethnics, manners, vision, and ability to teach in FED and other faculties, and to be able to conduct research by themselves. Furthermore, the pre-service teachers have to be able to deal with problems in a creative manner, protect and promote traditional artand culture of the nation.


-    Produce qualified pre-service teachers majoring in English and French consistently with the curriculum for teaching at secondary school education level;

-    Educate students the ideology, solidarity, and practice consistently with the three characteristics and five principles of education;

-    Reinforce students to be creative, be able to solve problems, be independent learners and learn from various sources;

-    Make them capable of managing the classrooms, offices, adopting the democratic working style, planning, monitoring, and improving teaching-learning;

-    Impart knowledge and skills in teaching-learning management, action research to improve the quality of education;

-    Shape the students’ attitudes with teacher morale;

-    Develop the inter-personal communication skill to work with others or team;

-    Strengthen the students’ expertise in order to have more scope of upgrading knowledge both domestic and abroad;

-    Educate students to be aware of protection and promotion of traditional art and culture of the nation as well as the world; and

-    Carry out research and social service.