Department of Lao Language-Literature

Published: Wednesday, 28 September 2022 Written by ແກ້ວມະນີ ມາກວິໄລ


-      Produce qualified pre-service teachers majoring in Lao language consistently with the curriculum for teaching in secondary school education;

-      Reinforce students to be creative, be able to solve problems, be independent learners and learn from various sources;

-      Shape the students’ attitudes and ethics in profession;

-      Produce students with good interpersonal communication skills for team working;

-      Provide more opportunities for the students to upgrade their knowledge after their graduation;

-      Develop and revise the curriculums, evaluate the learning outcome, and produce teaching materials;

-      Input data and transfer it to the Division of Academic Administration, Division of Student Affairs, and Division of Personnel;

-      Follow the supervision of the FED leaders; and

-      Encourage teachers to conduct the educational research, linguistics, literature, culture, and tradition of the nation.


     Responsibilities of Department of Lao Language and Literature

-    Implement the strategic plan of FED and policies including writing report for related sectors;

-    Educate students the political ideology in line with professional development;

-    Plan the program and project or academic development and related activities;

-    Organize teaching-learning to produce the qualified Lao language-literature teachers in the future;

-    Assess and revise the curriculums consistently with the development plan of FED;

-    Monitor and evaluate the teaching-learning management and related academic matters; and

-    Deal with student affairs and encourage them to make more efforts in learning and following rules of FED, NUOL and legislations or laws with support of related sectors.