Sathid Secondary School

Published: Thursday, 29 September 2022 Written by ແກ້ວມະນີ ມາກວິໄລ


The Sithid Secondary School is located in Dongdok campus, Vientiane capital, is under the administration of Faculty of Education, National University of Laos. Its main function is to educate students in concistency with three characteristics and five pillars of education, aiming at developing human resources to become both qualified and quantified to contribute to socioeconomic development of the country.

Responsibilities of Sathid Secondary School

  • Implement education policy of the Lao party and human resources develop plan of the Minstry of Education and Sports;
  • Educate political ideaology to staff, teachers and learners to become good manners, national passionate, democracy passionate in response to the requirements of protecting and developing the nation;
  • Plan develop and school management plans to become efficient and effective;
  • Manage learning-teaching according to curriculum mandated by the Ministry of Education and Sports as well as related local curriculars;
  • Recruit learners according to the regulations of the Minstry of Education and Sports;
  • Manage and develop staff to become knowledgeable and skillful in terms of teaching;
  • Develop and create teaching materials by observing the real context;
  • Implement policy and welfare, appreciations to foster motivation for teachers and students as indicated in the principles;
  • Conclud and report work related task of the school to the district education office, provincial education office and captial education office and related parties;
  • Protect properties and school environments;
  • Issue certificates and monitoring books to learners together with documents for the staff and students in the school; and
  • Implement other duties assigned by the macro level.