Sathid Childcare and Kindergarten School

Published: Thursday, 29 September 2022 Written by ແກ້ວມະນີ ມາກວິໄລ

The Sathid Childcare-Kindergarten school was established in 1977. It is situated in NUOL. To the West is Dongdok village, to the North is FED buildings, to the East is Faculty of Economics and Business Management and to the South is Confucious Institute.

The important role of the Sathid Childcare and Kindergarten is to prepare fundamentals for kids, particularly learning through playing, raising kids, babysitting, educating and managing learning-teaching kids whose ages range from five months to five years old, depending on the age range, following three characteristics and five principles of education with the aim of building fundamental skills for kids in terms of five aspects: 1) physical appearance, 2) emotion-feelings, 3) solf skills, 4) intelligence and 5) literacy before entering primary school year one.

Responsibilities of Sathid Nursing and Kindergarten School

1) Learning-teaching management

  • Conduct learning-teaching for kids to become developmental at each age group;
  • Follow three characteristics and five principles of national education;
  • Conduct teaching-learning activities based on the curriculum, professional experience plans, raising kids plans, and training kids of different a age group as indicated by the Ministry of Education and Sports;
  • Monitor, inspect and evaluate learning-teaching performance of teachers and kids;
  • Monitor, inspect and evaluate the developmental progress of kids at a different age group;
  • Recruit, arrange learners for different groups as stated by the Ministry of Education and Sports;
  • Supervise, develop teaching staff to become knowledgeable to increase skills for learning-teaching through various activities;
  • Plan budget of incomes-expenses, monthly reports, semester reports and yearly reports.
  • Develop and create learning-teaching aids;
  • Implement policy, welfare, appreciation to motivate teachers and learners to be active in accomplishing tasks and work as indicated;
  • Protect property, and collateral of the school;
  • Issue certificates and monitor books to learners together with documents for the staff and students in the school;
  • Educate political ideaology to staff, teachers and learners to possess a good manner, national passion, love democracy in response to the requirements for the protection and development of the nation;
  • Implement the goverment education policy in accordance with human resources development of the Ministry of Education and Sports;
  • Summarize and report to Faculty of Education, Xaythany Education and Sports office (Dongdok), and Dongdok village committee for education development; and
  • Implement other duties assigned by the macro level.

2) Research

  • Classroom-based research, monitoring, inspecting and evaluating kid developmental progress of different age groups;
  • Disseminate the results of kid development for learner parents/guardians; and
  • Promote, support teachers to conduct scientific research, collecting portfolios for applying academic position.
  • Academic Services
    1. Recruit learners whose ages range from five months to five years old by dividing into two groups such as childcare whose ages range from 5-36 months old and kindergarten kids whose ages range from 3-5 years old to be trained, be taken care of, raised as indicated by the curriculum; and
    2. Provide training workshops on preschool education for both private and state sectors.

3) Preservation and promotion of national culture together with adopting a good custom of the world

  • Organize activities on important occasions of the nation and the world to promote art and culture, a good custom of the nation and ethnic groups;
  • Promote and support staff, teachers and learners to participate in preserving a good national culture and custom of different ethnic groups; and
  • Adopt and promote a good culture and custom and the other appropriately.