Sathid Primary School

Published: Thursday, 29 September 2022 Written by ແກ້ວມະນີ ມາກວິໄລ


The Sathid Primary School, located in Dongdok campus, Vientiane capital, is under the administration of FED, NOUL. The academic affairs management is directly supervised and administered by the education office of Saythany district. Sathid Primary School has the roles of managing learning-teaching in accordance with the curriculum mandated by the Ministry of Education and Sports, focusing on three characteristics, three competitions and five principles of education for primary school compulsory to develop human resources and conducting research and teaching practicum and educational sciences of different fields. It is under the leadership and supervision of the FED, NOUL and the director the Saythany district education office.

Responsibilties of Sathid Primary School

  • Implement national education policy and human resources development plans of the Ministry of Education and Sports;
  • Educate political ideaology to staff, teachers and learners to become a good manner, national passionate, democratic passionate in response to the requirements of protecting and developing the nation;
  • Plan development and management plans to become efficient and effective;
  • Conduct learning-teaching following the curriculum mandated by the Ministry of Education and Sports and local programmes in accordance with three characteristics and five education principles;
  • Recruit learners in accordance with the Ministry of Education and Sports regulations;
  • Manage and develop personnel to become knowledgeable and skillfuls in teaching;
  • Plan budget of incomes-expenses, monthy summary reports, semester and annual reports;
  • Develop and create learning-teaching materials/aids according to the current situation;
  • Conduct teaching methods workshops for the teachers;
  • Organise classroom observations and give a reflection on teaching;
  • Monitor, inspect, and evaluate learning-teaching;
  • Facilitate policy and welfare and reward teachers and learners;
  • Encourage teachers to conduct research, collect academic porfolios for academic position application and promotion;
  • Summarize and report work related tasks to FED, district education office, community education office, provincial and captial city education departments;
  • Protect property and school environments;
  • Issue certificates and progress books for learners together with documents for the staff and students in the school; and
  • Implement other duties assigned by the macro level.